Made in Provence by hospitality professionals.

Challenging the status quo between the traditional hotel model and the seasonal rental market.

Back of House is the region’s first "virtual" hotel.

What is a virtual hotel? 

A virtual hotel (also known as a delivery-only hotel or a ghost hotel) is a professional hotel facility set up for the delivery of high quality services to private homeowners and their tenants.

A virtual hotel contains all the equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of goods & services but has no guest area for walk-in customers.

Built for a hotel. Designed for homeowners.

We enable established rental owners to increase the value of their real estate asset without adding stress to the existing organisation.

Our members enjoy a new experience, a new standard: the privacy and authenticity of an individual home. The services and amenities of a boutique hotel.


We love hotels, and we love home rentals.

We don’t want to have to choose between them.

We are committed to keeping our region alive year-round, getting involved in the local ecosystem and creating jobs. We believe that to offer true hospitality, you have to be there. 

the team

Who is behind Back of House?

Mark Collins

The Hotel Guy

Victor Peyre

The Tech Guy

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